Automated Agency VI

Automated Agency VI

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Live Demo Agency VI:

Introduction to the business:

The Automated Travel Agency is the product of a Software Automation of the entire Travel Agency System.  

  • Deals Auto Updated (Price changes, New offers, Last minute flights are automatically updated.)
  • Auto Reservations (You don't have to communicate to the companies the data of the client, handle payments and organize anything.)
  • Auto Profit (Your commissions are banked automatically.)

Before us, every agency had to deal for every booking with every hotel, airline, cruise to communicate reservation, to get updates and manage all payments.

What do you get with the package:

  • Automated Website
  • Logo 
  • Theme Customization
  • CEO eBook
  • Marketing PDF
  • Domain 
  • Hosting 
  • Payment Setup (For your commissions)
  • Admin Access
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance

 Running a Software Service Business:

Running an Automated Travel Agency has many advantages such as: Low costs, satisfied clients, automated process, monthly revenue, no limit to grow.

The average time that a Automated Travel Agency owner works a day on it's business is 1h/day.

The income potential of this Travel Site is $0.25-$4 per visitor. With as little as 100 visitors per day, you could earn $25-$400/day.
  • Flight Search Engine (Booking: $5.50 - $6.20 ) 
  • Hotel Search Engine (Per Lead: $0.25 - $4, Per Booking:  $15 - $20) 
  • Car Search Engine (Per Booking: 50% - 70%)
  • Cruise Search Engine (Per Booking: 3% )
  • Amazon Shop Page (Per Sale: 3.5% - 10%)
Over 5,000,000 Hotels, 600 Airlines, Over 1,000 Cruises and a variety of Car Rental companies and Amazon Travel Products.

You will also receive the The CEO Book that is a guide that will help you to run the business efficiently generating profit. After reading this 10 page guide, you will be able to have a full understanding and knowledge of the website.

Real Whatsapp Live Support:

What we offer it's a 1:1 assistance for your business. You will have a team member assisting you 24/7 for the whole life of your business. 

You can ask questions, resolving issues, ask advices on marketing and developing plan and much more.

This costumer care model it's our priority. We will never abandon you like other companies does. 

To chat just click on the WhatsApp logo in the low right corner.

Business Cost:

  • $1495 One time payment.
  • $80/year for Domain and Hosting (First Year Free)

Getting Started:

  1. Pay 
  2. Open your email
  3. Follow the steps
  4. Read CEO Book (10 pages)
  5. Start in 4 days
  6. Advertise and Profit

Make It Yours:

An expert will contact you after your payment to know your specifics for: Your logo, domain name, theme customization. You will receive a brand new business tailored for you.

Have other questions?

If you have any other question contact us at:

Live Demo Agency VI:

Customer Reviews

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It really works

I was a little bit skeptical regarding being paid by "leads", it really works, basically when you promote your agency (I use influencers) you get a lot of people on your website. If the person searches for hotels, you get paid a certain amount of money (even if he doesn't books anything). The only thing i've noticed is that the income for leads changes based on how many booking you close, (if in 2 months you get only leads and 0 bookings they give you less money). I make on average $115/day and spend $5/$20 in ads. The good thing is that is automated I just think about making good ads.